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Whether we’re driving off somewhere we are not very familiar with in the country or we’re off to explore new sights in a totally foreign land; we can now easily find our way around thanks to online directions that we can readily access wherever we are.

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There are actually several online sites that can be categorized as the best driving directions site, depending on our location and how much information we need. Nevertheless, these sites can take us to wherever we are going and back in the easiest possible way.

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How to Find Exact Location of Mobile Number

This article is dedicated to telling every location in Filipino. Please be informed that before every word listed below, the speakers add the word sa which marks the next word as an adverb of place. It is very similar in use to the English word in. In English, we always encounter the word the after the in (in the...). In Filipino, the word ang is the equivalent of the, but it is not used in this way. Ang is used for the subjects and the objects in the sentences and not in adverbs of place.

Four cardinal points in Filipino

Below, we have here enumerated the four basic cardinal points. However, since the Philippines have several provinces which have Spanish names (along with are the words like norte and sur), I will include these Spanish terms for directions in this article. Notice that I did not add the Spanish for east and west. This is because they are not used in the Philippines. Instead, there are words oriental which is eastern or the orient and occidental which means western used in Philippine provinces.

Hilaga/Norte - North

Timog/Sur - South

Silangan - East

Kanluran - West

The in betweens (cardinal points)

The point that we will be discussing in this next group of directions are the variations in southern areas. Katimugang is derived from timog which we already know as south. The affixes ka and an (note that the g attached is used as modifier) are used to mean a certain place. Remember that there are some words which do not have ka in the end to mean a place and just have an alone is attached. As for the timug, Filipino tends to change sounds depending on the nearby sound for better blending.

Hilagang silangan - Northeast

Hilagang kanluran - Northwest

Timog silangan - Southeast

Timog kanluran - Southwest

Katimugang silangan - Variation of southeast

Katimugang kanluran - Variation of southwest

More specific directions (cardinal points)

About this next group, it is common to hear this in weather news in the local media.

Hilaga hilagang silangan - NNE

Silangan hilagang silangan - ENE

Hilaga hilagang kanluran - NNW

Kanluran hilagang kanluran - WNW

Timog timog silangan - SSE

Silangan timog silangan - ESE

Timog timog kanluran - SSW

Kanluran timog kanluran - WSW

Different locations in Filipino

Below are some of the words indicating locations in Filipino. I further sort them to clarify that there are root words that are used in adverbs of place without having affixes attached (like the basic cardinal points).

Taas - Up

Baba - Down

Labas - Outside

Loob - Inside

Gilid - Side

Tabi - Beside

Sunod - Next

Kanan - Right

Kaliwa - Left

Gitna - Center or Middle

Harap - Front

Likod - Rear or Back

Below are some of the words indicating locations in Filipino which have affixes to it. Look at the words above and below. They are derived from the words up and down which are listed above. The prefix i is attached. These two are also used as imperative verbs (raise/lift and put down/under). To avoid confusion, please remember that verbs in Filipino are usually in the beginning of the sentence and the adverbs of place always have the word sa before it. Itaas mo ang bandila natin. - Raise our flag (itaas is used as verb). Sa itaas, nakatulog ako - Upstairs, I fell asleep (itaas is used as adverb of place). Look at the word for below and beneath in my list below. They are derived from root words babaw which means superficial and lalim depths. Now, let us go to the words for beside and flanking. The prefix used here is ka. If you remember, I said earlier that there are words which do not have ka but instead retain an as its suffix. There are words which do not have an as suffix but retain ka as prefix. Katabi and kasunod are the examples of it.

Itaas - Above

Ibaba - Below

Ibabaw - Top

Ilalim - Beneath

Katabi - Beside

Kasunod - Flanking

Pagitan - Between

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How to Find Exact Location of Mobile Number

Did you know that you can download GPS maps without paying a single dime?

When you purchase a GPS unit as a navigation aid, your unit would come pre-loaded with a free GPS map. The thing about the pre-loaded map is that they're mostly incomplete in details which could be useful to you on your trip. That's why you'll prefer to find out extra maps and there are a lot of places you will be able to go to online which would offer you a free-of-cost GPS map simply by clicking on a simple download link.

When you perform a Google search for "free GPS map", you will be able to find a lot of places online that let you download a free-of-cost GPS map. Actually, not just one you can download a lot of GPS maps. You will be able to choose and pick out which maps you would like to download and then all you have got to do is upload them from your computer to your GPS receiver. Typically, the GPS unit will be accompanied by the electric cord required to do this and it's really rather simple.

When you're going to a particular address, you'll have to have an elaborated map of that location so that you are able to receive exact and dependable directions to navigate your trip with minimal problems. Finding a free-of-cost GPS map of this location could be done easily by simply performing a web search and then you download the map straightaway to your hard drive.

Pre-loaded maps which accompany your GPS unit - apart from usually deficient in details - typically don't include several points of interest that could make your journey simpler. If you're on a long journey and find that you have to stop somewhere for the night, having the points of interest which include hotels in the region could be a huge benefit and save you a lot of time driving around searching for a place to stay!

Although there are a lot of software programs which you will be able to purchase to load GPS maps into your unit, why do that when you will be able to obtain a free-of-cost GPS map straight from the net? You can choose and pick out which maps you require and it's all free of charge. What could be better than that?

Make sure you know what GPS systems are and how it can benefit you by visiting this popular website about GPS where you can also download free GPS maps.

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Parking lots are convenient, but they are also dangerous -- accidents waiting to happen. Grocery store lots are especially dangerous when people are getting off work and rushing to buy food for dinner.
Unpredictable drivers also contribute to parking lot accidents and you have seen them all.

Cross country drivers -- the ones who drive diagonally across the rows -- are one danger. They often drive across several rows before coming to a stop. Some are so intent on getting the space they want they reverse directions. You can hardly tell where they are headed next.

The "ignore the lines" drivers are not much better. These drivers park across the white lines and take up two, sometimes three, parking spaces. Park next to these drivers and you take a chance that your car will be dinged.

Then there are the "ignore the rules" folks. Though they are not handicapped these drivers make a bee-line for handicapped spaces. What's more, they are not the least bit embarrassed about it. Ignore the rules drivers think they are entitled to these spaces.

"Not looking behind" drivers are really dangerous. They are in such a hurry they forget to look behind them before backing out. Collisions and near-misses are part of their day. Unfortunately, they endanger careful drivers like you and me.

I was only in the grocery store for 20 minutes. In that time a driver hit my car door. The dent was small, and it was also costly, $500 to be exact. When I reported the accident to my insurance company the agent said, "We hear this story all the time." How can you steer clear of parking lot accidents?

1. Use your defensive driving skills. Drive as if everyone else is crazy.

2. Turn on your car lights for safety.

3. Circle the lot first and and look for empty spaces.

4. Drive slowly.

5. Watch for rolling carts, running kids, and parents with strollers.

6. Obey all stop, one way, and yield signs.

7. Park at the rear of the lot where there are usually fewer cars.

8. Choose a spot that is far from tent sales, garden sales, and high school car washes.

9. Park beneath a light.

10. Center your car between the white lines.

11. Before you back out look behind you and in both directions.

12. Go forward to the next row so you do not have to back out.

Share these tips with teenage drivers. The tips do not guarantee that you and your teens will be accident-free, but they stack the odds in your favor.

Copyright 2007 by Harriet Hodgson

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Are you wanting to switch careers or explore new job options? Perhaps you are unhappy with your current career, but unsure of what your options are. Maybe you have so many options that you feel overwhelmed. Whatever your situation, taking some time out for a self-evaluation prior to making any big change is a smart move. It's probably been a while since you last thought about your natural talents and abilities! Career coaching can help you uncover and identify those talents and abilities that, once realized, can lead you on a journey to greater career fulfillment.

Try the following brainstorming exercise, meant to help you pull out the best parts of your professional personality. All you need is a pen and paper or your computer, and some quiet time to reflect. There are no right or wrong answers here. Just be honest with yourself. When we're reasonable about what we can achieve, we're better matched to a future position, one that satisfies us because we're already inclined to perform that particular role and do it well.

1. As a child, what types of leisure activities did you enjoy most?

(Were you handy with tools? Good at making crafts? Did you write stories, enjoy brain teasers? What about sports or outdoor exploration? Were you a budding entrepreneur, with lemonade stands, a paper route, or other lucrative childhood pursuits? What about science projects or caring for and spending time with pets?)

2. When asked to volunteer for a group project, whether it's on the job, with your church, school, or another place, in which areas do you typically offer your assistance?

3. Which electives did you sign up to take in high school, college, or other training school? Out of those, which classes stand out in your mind as being the easiest and most enjoyable for you? Which ones did you get the best grades in, and for what types of assignments or projects?

4. What extracurricular activities did you participate in at your high school and/or college?

(To which groups did you belong, and what areas did you sign up to offer your contributions? Were you on the school paper or yearbook committee? Did you enjoy building stage sets for the theater group or work as a deejay for your school radio program? Were you a sports team member or assistant coach? Computer or math club?)

5. Think back to all the memorable moments in your life where you were congratulated or acknowledged for your efforts. What did you do at that time to warrant recognition? If you can think back to notes of thanks, testimonials or other expressions of appreciation, what messages did people have to say about your best qualities?

6. When asked to write your performance reviews for previous jobs, which areas did you most excel at, and in what ways? Take some time to explain, citing examples of moments where you exhibited stellar performance on the job.

When you're finished writing out the answers to the above questions, go back and re-read your answers. What personal attributes can you see popping up repeatedly over the course of your life? Can you think of different types of jobs where you'd be able to best utilize these skills and personal strengths?

Congratulations! You have just taken the first necessary step to uncovering your career skillset. Now try your hand at writing your resume. If you have additional questions or want to take the next step in uncovering a career that fits for you, review the career coaching and career teleclasses page from for more information.

Copyright 2006 Hallie Crawford. All rights reserved.

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GPS is a very useful device in providing driving directions and it is now becoming more popular than using physical maps due to its user-friendly features. Usually, GPS navigation system would be mostly used by those people who travel quite frequently, for example, the real estate agent and the insurance agent who often spend a lot of time on the road. There are also people who may do it for some safety reasons, for instance, when it comes to the need of tracking their vehicle in case of car theft

Nowadays, you can see a very wide range of GPS navigation system available in the market. Be it online or from the retail stores, you can easily find a variety of different labels, for instance, Garmin, Tom Tom, Magellan, Nextar, and many others. In order for you to choose one out of so many models, you must first decide what are the main features that you value most. In fact, the priority in selecting the key features comes differently for different people. For example, Jack focuses more on one that has large screen size (4.3") with reroute and voice recognition functions, while Jill emphasizes more on the standard screen size (3.5"), which is cheaper and with blue-tooth and real-time traffic updates functions.

There are many features that are available and it depends on what exactly you want. You can check it out online or you can walk straight into the retail shops to enquire for some real details of the features that you are looking for. One thing good about visiting the retail shops is you can get some hands on testing of the models that you like. At the same time, you can do some price comparison between online sites as well as between the sites and the shops. Make sure you check out the shipping price, if any, and the warranty period also.

Put more emphasis on the size, look, efficiency, usability as well as how frequent you will be using the GPS system while selecting the features of your choice. Make sure you are provided with good technical support as you won't know when you would need their service if technical problems crop up unexpectedly. It is also important to know at which location of your car that you would like to install your GPS device. For the convenience of functionality, it's best to put it at the dashboard of your car where you can be sure that it is not blocking the rear view mirror. It would make a perfect combination if the look of the GPS system you choose can blend in smoothly with the interiors of your car.

Another thing to consider is whether you want your GPS unit to be permanently fixed in your car or you would prefer a portable unit that you can carry with you to wherever you go. Both have their own benefits and again, it really rests on what you need exactly.

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